Services Overview

  • Data Removal

    Data Removal

    We offer Department of Defense certified methods for data removal to ensure that no data remains on a hard drive.…

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  • Computer Sales

    Computer Sales

    By partnering with some of the leading technology companies in the world, Info Plexus can offer the very latest solutions…

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  • Email Systems

    Email Systems

    Here at Info Plexus we have a broad range of experience using various email systems. We are confident that we…

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  • Networking


    Our networking staff has over 18 years of networking experience. We are fully capable of full network setup, adjustment, or…

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  • Computer Tune-up

    Computer Tune-up

    Not quite ready to buy a new computer yet but are tired of waiting for things to load? Here at…

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  • Virus Removal

    Virus Removal

    Our comprehensive, cutting edge process for removing and preventing viruses and malware will leave you with peace of mind that…

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  • Data Transfer

    Data Transfer

    Just bought a new computer (hopefully from us!) and want to have your files, pictures, videos and programs transferred without…

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  • Hardware Repair

    Hardware Repair

    We are fully trained to fix common hardware issues such as a broken screen or keyboard, malfunctioning hard drive, or…

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  • Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    Info Plexus always stays up to date on the industry leading computer repair solutions.

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